A late 2008 coffee induced night rambling


Nikon D60 outside my bedroom
Taken outside my bedroom window here in Singapore before I ventured out for a coffee this evening.

Good evening ladies, gentleman and everyone else. It is a positively gorgeous warm evening outside here in Singapore; it has been overcast all day so the temperature is a pleasant 25 instead of being much warmer, plus I love overcast days anyway. I never really knew why I did prefer them, perhaps growing up in the tropics made me appreciate the lower glare and temperatures clouds bring.

I'm going to make more than a few people scoff by saying this, but I'm drinking a Toffee Nut Latte at the Starbucks down in the Orchard Parade Hotel, just across the street from Forum for those who don't know. Aka the building with the sun logo and the giant Toys R Us or however you spell that. Singaporean shops tend to leave their Christmas decorations and whatnot up quite late, sometimes even into the new year. Chinese New Year of course is the biggest event of the year here.

ASIDE: I’ve always wondered why companies targeting kids always have to spell their name incorrectly on purpose in a vein attempt to look juvenile or young. I’ve also always wondered what kind of effect these brands have on the abilities of kids to spell properly if every box they get a toy in has words spelled incorrectly.

This whole Christmas season knocked more wind out of my sails than I thought it would given my beautiful late mum's passing around the same time. It's a cruel coincidence that we associate what is normally a happy family time of year with my mum's short life, though I guess in the grand scheme of things it wouldn't make much difference when she left us.

Onto happier topics though, I did get three amazing Christmas presents from my dad this year which just like a little kid I can't wait to talk about here and on the Rubenerd Show. Given the above reason I've found it really difficult to maintain the jovial attitude I wait to have before I write blog posts recently, but I'm hoping that topic (aka presents!) will be a great ice breaker.

For my Malaysian friends, I'll be flying to KL (Kuala Lumpur for those of you not from here!) on Thursday of this week so if you want to meet up for a coffee and chat I'd love to catch up. KL is so ridiculously close to Singapore I regret not going there more!

Anyway it's almost midnight and the Starbucks staff have started shuffling chairs around, my cue to go perhaps?

Enjoy the rest of your 2008 folks :)

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