A hilarious Windows 7 beta report!


Screenshot of the current release of the KDE Unix desktop
Screenshot of the current release of the KDE (Linux, FreeBSD etc) desktop.
Wait, I mean Windows 7.

Ina Friend over on CNET News is reporting that Microsoft has made beta versions of it's Windows 7 operating system available for download. Normally I would have yawned at such an announcement, but given I was waiting for my sister to get ready before we headed out for lunch, I figured I'd skim it.

Microsoft has apparently decided that it has enough server capacity and has made the code available for the Windows 7 beta.

“The Windows 7 Beta is now available for download,” Microsoft said on its Web site. “Thanks for your interest and help with the beta.”

The software was supposed to be made available on Friday, but the company delayed the release after a day filled with Web site problems.

The real gem though that made me laugh out loud so hard that I might have broken a few windows was this:

Furthermore, the company cautioned that the beta is not the quality one should expect from a final release. “It can be glitchy–so don’t use a PC you need every day.”

Please, please… say no more, I'm wetting myself here! :-D

To be serious for a second though, I really do home Microsoft picks up the ball they dropped with XP and Vista. They won't of course, but for all the people in the corporate world who are stuck with Microsoft's subpar products (including my dad who I can hear swearing in the distance) I hope they at least make a sincere effort. Excuse me, I have to go laugh again!

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