I’ve been writing this blog since late 2004, so I thought it’d be fun to see what I was writing a decade ago to the day. Today’s entry regarded the site appearing on blogged.com:

While checking my server records I noticed I was getting a few hits from Blogged.com. It seems they added my blog to their database and filed me under “miscellaneous” and “management”. Funny how my blog has as much to do with management as an echidna would have to do with a large shoehorn, but there you go. The miscellaneous tag I’m not disputing, but then again wouldn’t every self respecting blogger have more than a few miscellaneous posts in their blog that were off the primary topic?

The links are dead, because of course they are. But the ever-brilliant Wayback Machine had a copy. Under featured posts they also mentioned:

Wait, Bakemonogatari was a decade ago? That’s mortifying.

Update: I realised this was a year and a day ago, not a year ago. Close enough.