Photo of a certain alpaca by Clara Tse

What could be a more civilised activity than going to an Irish tea house in The Rocks with friends for your 28th birthday? That’s a trick question, the only valid answer is “nothing”. Well, unless we’d all managed to find fake monocles.

It was great catching up, as well as saying goodbye to my good friends Vadim and Amy who’ll be leaving on a jet plane for Japan soon.

Thanks (from the head of the table!) to @Adasifs, @Dekopatchi, @JamieJakov, @Sebasu_tan, @mr_gazpacho, @baek88, @maidforclass, @Sashin9000, @wonkhaus, @Valtism and @fekete_rigo. And of course, to tireless @hanezawakirika for taking the above picture, and putting up with her slow-witted, recently-ancient partner. You all made me more happy than you may realise :’).