800×600 in a Retina world


Here’s some fun. My work MacBook Pro machine erroneously detected itself as having an 800×600 resolution yesterday, because High Sierra. I took and screenshot, then restored its native resolution, which rendered the screenshot at this exact size:

Screenshot of an 800×600 display

If you have a Retina/HiDPI screen, you can see how tiny it looks. If you don’t, you can see how much more resolution is in a Retina display if 800×600 is rendered like that!

Our first family machine had an SVGA card and a CRT set at 640×480. It could go up to 1024×768, but we thought it made things too small. Then I go back to my Commodore Plus/4 I got on eBay years ago, and check out its 320×200 output. How far we’ve come.

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