A 740-page Tennant Schrobmachine


My silly blog here has reached seven hundred and forty pages, which sounds much longer when you write the numbers out in English in lieu of digits. At ten posts per page, that means we have… wait, let me check.

$ bc 740 * 10
==> File 740*10 is unavailable

I always make that mistake!

I used to mark such milestones with a Tennant floor cleaning device with a similar model number or feature, like this silly post from 2009. Here’s the Tennant 7400, which has the same model number as this blog has posts:

Photo of a small, ride-on floor sweeping machine.

This Dutch Industrial cleaning site mentions:

Tennant 7400 Schrobmachine Verhuur machine: De Tennant 7400 opzit-schrobzuigmachine is een eenvoudig te bedienen machine dit mede dankzij de gemakkelijke besturing is deze machine zeer geschikt voor magazijn, parkeergarages en bouwopleveringen.

I tried running this through babelfish.altavista.com, but the site no longer exists.

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