It's come time once again to pay tribute to yet another useless Rubenerd Blog milestone, the posting of the wicked, super evil 666th post!

Of course if you were reading this weblog almost one year ago to this day (how very eerie), you would have seen that I already celebrated what I thought at the time to be the publishing of the 666th post with this very silly graphic from Elfen Lied, one of the scariest anime series' I'd ever seen. Come to think of it I never finished watching it for that very reason.

Don't look now!

Anyway I realised in another useless Rubenerd Blog milestone post in November last year that WordPress assigns values to all uploaded media not just weblog entries, meaning that the initial 666th post celebration wasn't actually the 666th post.

So unlike that impostor post, this one is actually the 666th Rubenerd Blog post… even though the internal post ID is 1064. Have I confused you yet?