How did I miss page 666? It’s one more than 665, and at least a dozen more than 100. I made such a big deal out of WordPress ID 666 in February 2007, back when I still used that CMS; and then again for the actual post 666 exactly one year later, give or take a few days.

Now we’re at 666 pages, which means at ten posts per page, if my intensive mathematical calculations are sound, and my prose remains as stilted as ever, we’ve passed 6,666 posts. Had I got a sixth of the way through another post draft immediately after that, it’d be 6,666.6. Which if you multiplied by e, would be pointless. I miss when I’d do a ton of these pointless milestones.

Night scene in a loungeroom bathed in the blue light from what I can only assume is a Trinitron.

For some reason I used a screenshot or art from Elfen Lied on those past posts, presumably because the series scared me at the time. So here’s another random one from episode 7 which aired in 2004. It depicts a similar scene in which I’m currently residing writing this post.