42 more days of J-Walk


With an auspicious 42 days of life left in the J-Walk blog before he says goodbye, I decided to pick an article at random to discuss.

import j-walk.util.random

Round and round the random number generator goes, where it stops nobody knows!

Here’s Miss Cellania’s Tribute to the Grilled Cheese Sandwich.
I’d take this spinach pesto sammich.

From his Grilled Cheese Tribute post from the first of September. Suffice to say, his included image looks good. Really good. Which reminds me, I haven't even had breakfast yet.

I went through my own grilled cheese sandwich obsession here on Rubenerd.com several years ago; I used it in all my examples and name dropped them everywhere. I'm going to pretend J-Walk posted about it on this 42nd last day on purpose, just for me.

That’s a lot of posts

For those unfamiliar, John Walkenbach is probably best known as a Microsoft Excel ninja with dozens of books to his credit that are sold around the world, including places overseas I've lived. Pointing this out earned me my own blog post on his site in 2008!

Rubenerd combines three topics into a single blog post: On Google Reader, the iPhone and J-Walkyness.

By the way, if you’re ever in a bookstore, go to the spreadsheet books section and adjust the display such that my books are facing out. Even if you have to move some of the other books to the Religion section to make room. I do it, Rebenerd does it, and you should do it.

The beginning of the end

J-WalkThe J-Walk blog has for many years been a curated cornucopia of coolness, a lovingly updated list of material from around the net. In a world now of mass news aggregation sites and social networks, John continued to post what he found interesting on his own site instead, which inspired me to keep doing so here too.

With all the upheaval in the world and in my own life over the last decade, the J-Walk blog has been one of the few happy constants. I was reading this in high school, during breaks at my first 9-5, my first years of university, during The Schade Family Medical Troubles, and now again in the lecture halls of UTS.

Needless to say, I'll be sad to see it go, and will be reading it (for want of a better word) religiously while I still can.

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