My 3rd Twitter anniversary today


Truemors on Twitter

According to @singtwop1000 who informed me this afternoon, I've been using Twitter now for three years. That's a good thing… right?!

Trawling through the archives here, the first time I mentioned Twitter was this post published in June 2007 about another international move and my mum. As was my style at the time I talked about many different things in one post, ironically I hadn't done that for ages until recently!

The screenshot above was the first I took of a Twitter client, from this post in October 2007 when I was talking about my mum's ICU scare and some random crappy photos from around Singapore with my then new Nokia e61i phone thingy. I used Twitteriffic right up until they started putting ads into the software and charging for it.

ASIDE: Oh and Michael Atkinson, my mum was having chemotherapy NOT playing computer games. Go step on a pine cone.

Twitter has become such a critical part of my life, I get nearly all my news through it and for an awkward, introverted person like me it's been a great way to meet people and make friends. I may be programming late at night by myself in the dark, but I have all these friendly people asking how I'm going just a click away. People say they don't get Twitter, that it's stupid and it drives them crazy, for me it may have prevented me from going crazy.

Cheers Twitter, I'll have a coffee for both of us :).

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