Birthday drawing by Clara Tse

Yes, I’m shamelessly backdating this post, on account of the fact yesterday was my birthday, and I spent the whole day with people and went right to bed afterwards. If any day of year should excuse someone, a birthday should.

Where was I going with this?

As I slowly creep closer to the big Three Zero, the significance of birthdays seems to diminish. Maybe I’ve finally reached the stage where I’ve had enough of them to render them old hat. Good heavens Ruben, don’t use the word old!

Still, Clara and my family went absolutely out of their way to make yesterday special. Breakfast out at the epic Blu Water Grill, an afternoon Starbucks coffee like I used to share with mummy, a quiet homecooked German dinner. Hugs and bad jokes. Unwrapping an unreasonable number of thoughtful presents. Being reminded of all these wonderful people in my life.

As my sister Elke has also noticed, we’ve done a lot of growing up since we came back to Sydney. Since my last birthday in particular, the world has started falling into place and making slightly more sense. Which is to say, it’s a big, crazy, unfair world out there, but friends and personal reflection really do make such a big difference.

I’m not intelligent enough to get philosophical without referencing code, so it’s as though this perennially beta instance of Person has incremented his version number to 0.2. Or maybe 0.3, learning how to walk and talk was probably a big enough revision. Maybe when I’m 80 I’ll finally get to version 1.0, but one step at a time!

And as for Clara’s drawing skills, I’m sure you’d agree her apology was utterly unnecessary! ^_^.