Mr Prata on Evans Road

The Singapore Search Site has started a list of 24 hour shops and businesses in Singapore which given the name of the site makes sense. Whatever they're paying me, it isn't enough. Or too much. Don't prey prey prey PCK will be back.

Below is a 24-hour shop directory containing the website (with address) of shops and services in Singapore that operate round-the-clock. Be it entertainment, food, medical or shopping, we have you covered with all the places and services you may need.

So far the listings are contained in seven subheadings: Clinics, Entertainment, Food Courts, Fast Food / Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Supermarkets and Shopping Malls.

Right off the bat I can see they don't have any listings for 24 hour prata anywhere, not even under Restaurants. 24 hour prata is so important that I'd argue it deserves its own subheating! Did I say "subheating", I meant subheading. Don't study all day, drink litres off coffee, get all depressed then attempt to write a witty blog post.

I could go for some prata and teh tarik from Mr Prata on Evans Road right about now, anyone in Singapore want to air freight me some here to Adelaide? It'd really help during my exams!