2222 posts, and goodbye to GeoCities


I know you all love my pointless milestone posts, so here's one celebrating a new achievement here on the Rubenerd Blog: the publishing of my 2222nd post! Not only is that number greater than 2221, but the same digit is repeated four times! The next time this will happen is 3333 which is 1111 posts away from now, wonder what it'll be about? What am I talking about, it'll probably be about the fact I reached 3333 posts, which not only would be an achievement because that number is greater than 3332, but the same digit is repeated four times!

The photo of the four 2's above holds some significance beyond merely being a companion image to a pointless blog post because it was taken from a Malaysian Geocities site which will cease to exist by the time I wake up tomorrow morning. It's a crying shame that one of the most prolific and iconic websites of the 1990s ended in this way (The end of an era: no more GeoCities); I still want to know why Yahoo couldn't just freeze current accounts and serve the site as a form of museum instead of wiping it out. I read somewhere a while ago another group of people were mirroring GeoCities but they shouldn't have had to.

As of tomorrow, nobody will be looking at this map of KL anymore either.

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