2023 Racing Miku, via @_BADCATBAD


Clara’s and my dear friend, costume maker, cosplayer, DJ, performer, and perennial self-doubter for no valid reason @_BADCATBAD shared Good Smile Racing’s 2023 Racing Miku on her timeline this evening, and it was necessary for me to pass this on:

I haven’t got around to writing about my trip to the official Koei Tecmo store in Tokyo last month, in which I spent more money than I care to admit on Atelier Sophie and Ryza merchandise, including wall scrolls which I can’t even hang up on account of being in a rental. But I’d have recognised toridamono’s art style and… tastes, from anywhere!

Madam BAD admired the structure of her garments, some of which are nice nod to her 2015 version. I love her beret and her billowy shoulder sleeves (are they sleeves)? Her cuffs, hair ribbons, and bright belt are a nice touch too, as is her BERET. Did I mention her hat wear, and that I might have a thing for it?

Hats… Hats-une? Hatsune? Gesundheit.

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