2022 blog h-highlights!


In 2022 my blog amassed:

  • 159,791 words
  • 548 new posts
  • 6 cups of bought coffee; thank you!
  • 5 fewer VMs; consolidated to FreeBSD jails
  • 3 podcast episodes; not many, huh?
  • 2 OPML outlines

Why have quality when you can have quantity? Wait.

As for highlights:

  • In Australia, Dymocks is selling this handy Twin Checker in a fetching yellow and light green, double ended for convenience.

  • In Singapore, Popular has the always attractive Stabilo Swings in a handy four pack. I’m partial to the teal-ish blue.

If I can be selfish, I’d love for 2023 to be the year that you start a blog too, and for you to tell me about it. Your thoughts are more important than any social network, and I’d love having your RSS feed on my FeedLand. If you already blog, carry on ^^.

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