2019 Good Smile Racing Miku


Clara and I used to obsessively follow the annual racing incantations of everyone’s favourite virtual idol Hatsune Miku, but we’ve been decidedly lax of late. I feel this is in part the result of Clara not blogging full time anymore; she would have already written an essay length post about each one by now.

Official press photo for the scale fig of 2019 Racing Miku.

I just saw 2019s version drop, and she’s the nicest one in a long time. Her pose and expression are super cute, and a bit more unique than the last few years which suffered a bit from Same Face. I love her colours especially; she looks even more like a Bavarian cake with cyan and fuchsia frosting than the original art by Annindoufu.

Original concept art of 2019 Racing Miku

Both of us still think the 2011 version was the best on account of her looking more mature (below left), and I loved the glass shards in her skirt in 2013. Her Toky Taka 2017 version was pretty but not necessarily unique, and I wasn’t a fan of her weird shirt and colour scheme from last year. I feel this is a return to form; albeit in a completely different style!

Racing Miku 2011 and 2013.

Now that I look at her compared to those earlier versions, her design sure has come a long way. I’m still more a fan of the sleek, minimal look of these older ones, but I’m also glad GSR is giving artists a little more freedom now too.

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