This post may be the luckiest on Rubenerd thus far. Which renders my spilling of this takeaway coffee that much more amusing! Here are the most facts I could think of about eight within an 88 second window, with time after to clean up spelling and formatting:

  • Why was seven afraid of eight? Because eight nine ten… damn it, I always mess this up.

  • There are eight digits between zero and eight, inclusive. Think about it! Maybe not too much.

  • Eight has five letters. Seems silly.

  • I’ve seen more lucky numberplates in Sydney full of eights than Singapore. Likely due to it being easier to buy vanity ones here, but still culturally fascinating.

  • Oxygen has the atomic number 8. This is delightful given its most abundent allotrope is dioxygen, so the numeral 8 looks like a chemical diagram for it, of sorts. I used to be able to recite the Periodic Table to Titanium; my dad could go much futher.

  • Remember those Web 1.0 alarmist memes that dihydrogen monoxide was toxic? You shouldn’t have eight it.

  • By the time this gets posted, it’ll almost certainly be after the aformentioned time. Whoops. At least I started writing it at that second.

  • Numerology is a fun, if otherwise pointless, distraction. As eight is also a number, this means it appears from time to time.

The most I did a decade ago for 2008-08-08 was rant on about phone connections, two days late. Eight is divisible by eight to get four, which is decidedly unlucky. I feel Daft Punk wrote a song about this.