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Voting for The Greens in the South Aussie state elections today, and you'd better too if you know what's good for you. That goes for you too Tasmania. I mean come on, Labor? Liberal? Family First?!

First some shameless, self serving quoting:

Tomorrow, South Australian voters have a genuine alternative to the old parties, and can join over million voters Australia wide who vote Green, says Greens MLC Mark Parnell.

This election the Greens have run on a positive platform of green jobs, water security and ensuring a better government.

β€œI urge all South Australians to consider a fresh, positive alternative to the old parties and vote for the fastest growing political force in the country – the Greens,” he said.

I still think it's ironic I've only been here a few years (cumulatively) but I have full voting rights because of my passport, and I lived in Singapore most of my life and I have no voice there at all. I could tell you more about GRCs than electorates. I know more about Goh Chok Tong than Rob Kerin. That's politics for you.

Some related thoughts, when I was in Adelaide back in 2006 I remember Nick Xenophon walking around wearing those sandwich boards in Rundle Mall. Are people angry that he went Federal? What ever happened to his state seat thingy?

As an extra fun tidbit, Mark Parnell is one of the few politicians who has ever replied to emails I've sent. Heck, he has his own dedicated tag here! Even when I was back in Singapore and technically outside of his jurisdiction (and cares) entirely he still took the time to answer my questions and have some lighthearted discussion. That counts for a lot in my book :).

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