It's a cruel irony that my close friend Jerry Novak lost his wife and I lost my mum and best friend to cancer around Christmas, as I'm sure many others have. My family isn't religious but we always had massive trees, big Christmas lunches and swapped masses of prezzies while we listened to Tony Bennett and Bing Crosby carol CDs. Even decorating the tree was a huge event we all looked forward to, and in the last 12 years even though she wasn't physically strong enough to join in we purposefully rearranged my mum's chemo treatments so she could sit there and watch.

My dad, sister and I haven't unpacked the decorations since and don't celebrate Christmas any more, for obvious reasons. To all of you who are though, have safe and happy holidays, and to my friends in Europe and the US I hope you're somewhere warm.

Peace, health and happiness,
~ Ruben