1977 kept coming up


Yesterday I was reading about the Glasgow Subway, then watched a video about the retiring of the first cable-powered carriages in 1977. Then John mentioned on an episode of Roderick on the Line that he had an adventure near the Lake Otis Parkway in Alaska in 1977.

What else happened during this time?

  • The Commodore PET was demonstrated at CES in Chicago and first sold, Apple Computer was founded, the Tandy TRS-80 was announced, and Atari releases the Video Computer System.

  • Jimmy Carter became US president, and Malcolm Fraser remained Prime Minister in Australia despite a 5 seat swing.

  • First use of optical fibre to carry network traffic, and the first TCP/IP test connecting 3 ARPANET nodes succeeds.

  • First test flight of a US space shuttle, on the 747 Shuttle Carrier. The wow signal is also detected by the Big Ear SETI radio telescope. And Voyager 1 is launched.

  • The original Star Wars opened in theaters, setting the stage for the far superior Star Trek films to come after.

  • In music, Toto is founded, Fleetwood Mac released Rumours, Steely Dan released Aja, Queen released News of the World, and both Elvis and The Supremes perform for the last time.

Thanks to Springsgrace on Wikimedia Commons for that great photo.

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