Celebrating 1,888 posts!


Photo from WeirdAsianNews

Well there you go, I'm so quick to celebrate pointless milestones here I even have a dedicated tag for the things, but when something genuinely interesting happens I completely miss it. In an ironic comedic twist, Rubenerd Blog post number 1888 was about the 2009.08.06 #TwitterFail of all things. How terribly inauspicious!

For those of you who don't understand the significance, I grew up in Singapore and the number 8 holds a great deal of significance in Chinese culture because it's perceived as being especially lucky. Conversely, the number 4 to them is as spooky as 13 in Western culture because when pronounced it sounds similar to the word for death. WeirdAsianNews.com has a detailed post explaining numbers and their Chinese meanings if you're interested.

As a proud skeptic I don't lend superstitions much credence, but it's still cool to have reached a post number that has three eights in it again. I just wish such things like blog posts with eights in them brought me as much luck as they were supposed to! I'll pretend I was supposed to be hit by a bus today but because I posted 1888 entries such a disaster was averted. Yeah, that works.

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