16-inch MacBook Pro


I’m relieved the 16-inch MacBook Pro now exists. I wrote in February:

I’ll almost certainly be wrong about this, but I don’t think beefing up a laptop to let it dissipate more heat sounds like Apple. They’d rather sacrifice performance to achieve the best battery life, weight, and thinness. Whether you and I think that’s a good idea is another story.


I’d give up a performance boost for a usable keyboard, mind. I’ve been using this 13” work MacBook Pro for a few months and I’m seriously contemplating carrying an external keyboard around to overcome the dull throbbing in my knuckles and finger joints. The butterfly key mechanism isn’t as much a bad keyboard as it is user hostile.

I wrote this back in May about the then-new 2019 MacBook Pros:

This isn’t the redesign people with keyboard issues were asking for. The user-hostile bufferfly mechanism has fundamental durability and ergonomic issues inherent in its design. Warranty programmes address the symptoms but not the cause; they just need to be replaced. And nobody has delivered a compelling use for the touchbar, not even Apple.

Apple has now shipped a 16-inch MacBook Pro. I summarised it on The Twitters:

Just saw 16-inch MBP specs. Still has useless touch bar, but inverted T-arrows, scissor keys, escape key, 100W battery!

Still think a 15-inch ThinkPad with FreeBSD will be my next personal workstation, but glad to see Apple (finally) responding to years of frustration.

I’m glad I was wrong about the first point above about cooling! Now they just need to bring back the MagSave and an SD card reader, and they’ll be almost back to where they were in 2015 in terms of utility and usability.

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