15 conveniences that’ll kinda kill you!


Discovery Health is running a story about 15 modern conveniences that are bad for our health. I have a 16th item to add to their list: paginated stories that are split up into 15 separate webpages!

Their list of list items in a list

Most of the list consists of fatty foodstuffs such as partially hydrogenated oils, margarine and fat. They also mention high fructose corn syrup, the primary reason why I don't buy any processed food or drink made in the US. Come to think of it I should be buying very little processed food at all, right?

Plastics, leaded fuel, microwaves and other such whatnot they're probably right on, but I was disappointed to see them rehash the same tired argument against the use of Teflon coating that has been so thoroughly debunked by so many people, perhaps none quite as beautfilly as this person or Bill Nye the Science Guy. I love Bill Nye the Science Guy, he's like an American version of Dr Karl who wears bow ties.

My revised list

Still, I'm no medical expert but I think I could have condensed their 15 points into one small bullet list:

  • radiation emitting thingys [maybe]
  • toxic and non bio-degradable stuff
  • processed food

I suppose it's harder to come up with 15 pages of ads that way ;).

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