12TB drives are now a thing


Photo of the Seagate 12TB drives now on the market

It seems like only yesterday we were learning of Seagate’s shingled solution to get to 8TB. Watch their YouTube video explaining how it works, it’s fascinating. Then conventional 8TB and 10TB drives came around. Now doing some window shopping I found out you can get 12TB drives.

In case you didn’t read that, I said you can now get 12 friggen terabytes. Okay I didn’t say that specifically, but my shock and awe stands. Or drives, in this case. Glaven.

My big use case at home is consolidation; over the last few years I’ve been trying to pare back everything, not least my HP Microserver NAS farm. Multiple machines are noisy, hot, suck extra juice, take more time to maintain, and need networking; though nothing IB can’t handle.

I’ve already consolidated a 4x 3TB ZFS RAID-Z for a mirrored pair of 8TB HGSTs, in part thanks to the wonders of the H265 codec and xz. That was a lot of acronyms and abbreviations. I’m still trying to decide whether to fill the remaining two drive slots with more 8TBs, or whether I suck it up and get 10TBs.

Now I’m thinking I’ll need to snag me a pair of 12TB HGSTs once they’re available. So much for my hypothetical modular Mac budget!

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