11/12/13 (2013.12.11)


For those of us outside the US, today was the last of a numerological series of dates not to be repeated again for a hundred years. The first arguably fell on the 01/02/03 (2003.02.01), over ten years ago. I was in high school at the time; I'm not superstitious, but it's still oddly humbling in some way. Makes me feel a little smaller, and a little older.

The last few times I've published such pointless posts, I've included a photo of my backyard rendered as a 2 bit image or that terribly edited photo of me in snowy Ireland. To leave with a bang, have an equally pointless photo of my SOHO lair.

Who knows, a few years from now I might get a smile out of the equipment I was using. Pre-retina screens, a non-holographically projected chair, a cheese grater Mac Pro with spinning platters, a trackball mouse with only one ball.

For something far more creative than my post, Clara also posted about today.

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