1,024 Folding@Home work units!


Icon from the Tango Desktop Project At %2011-05-01 04:13:04% Pacific US time, computers in the Schade family passed the 1,024 work unit mark on the Folding@Home protein folding project, with a current score of 337,848 and a rank of 33,008 of 1,543,174, or 2.13%. If work units were bytes, we'd be up to 1 kilobyte right now, that's some pretty sweet sugar right there ^^. Brown sugar of course, it's much nicer.

When I pass 2.00%, I'm going formally ask again if I can have my account changed from rubenerd to ForDebraSchade or something similar. You're not supposed to be able to, but I hope they'll grant an exception.

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