+61 3 9945 7300 is Insurance Line telemarketers


All you need to know. Or you can read my vented frustrations!

Comprehensive broken keyboard insurance!

This Victorian number (03 9945 7300 in local Aussie number reference) has called my handphone once or twice a day for just shy of a month now. Granted they're more considerate than other marketers, at least they don't call during dinner or in the wee hours of the morning like I used to get on my old Aussie number. It's still unwanted though!

Doing a quick Google search returned these results. When I read the number is allegedly from telemarketers working for Insurance Line, I wasn't surprised. The bane of morning TV with their painfully scripted "infomercials" I've had to sit through while in offices or cafés that play TV, Insurance Line are the exploiters of more individual fears that I've ever seen from an insurer. Cancer insurance? contains rage.

Needless to say, their insidious telemarketing will insure (see what I did there?) that even if I were considering them for insurance before, I wouldn't now. I suppose companies that indulge in this behaviour can justify it financially otherwise they wouldn't do it, but next time they call, I'll answer in silence. If they want to call me, they can waste their money.

The Trace is The Race

Aside from the frustration this number is causing me, what I'd like to know is how they got my number in the first place. The only organisations I [knowingly] gave my number to are DBS/POSB, NUS and SingTel in Singapore, and Westpac and UTS in Australia. I've never entered "contests" (aka: marketing gathering exercises) nor have I ever called a "premium" number with it. I'm on the Australian Do Not Call list. The Bird is The Word.

I tell you what, I love my iTelephone, but a webOS or Android phone with third party software to block certain numbers sounds awfully appealing right now. Optus won't let me block numbers.

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