03:00 thoughts


A testy server woke me up from sleep this morning. Well, monitoring did specifically. As much as you don’t want to see those alerts while you’re asleep, it’s better than not seeing alerts.

Once I’d sorted it out, the situation reminded me of something which has since escaped me. Here are some other thoughts:

  • Pretzels?

  • I counted Aloe Blacc saying he needs a dollar twenty times in his 2010 song I Need a Dollar. That means he needs $20.

  • Why do detective shows always talk about “the body” and how “it” was found, rather than “his/her/their body” and that “he/she/they” were found?

  • Alpha Omega have released a cat-eared version of Rem from Re:Zero, because of course. Why not Ram though? I can only assume she’s pending.

  • The first mention of Rem on this blog was back in 2016, when I said the franchise name sounded like a forensic drive wiping tool that used blue bob cuts.

  • Maybe it was all the Mary Tyler Moore Show reruns I used to watch with my parents, but bob hair is so my thing. As in, really my thing! Should I be saying that out loud?

Press photo of cat-eared Rem from Alpha Omega

Alright, back to bed.

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