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Stock photo of a man standing in front of a blackboard looking concerned.

Somehow, their stock-photo guy looks less than impressed.

Terry comments on New Jersey episodes

Speaking of my evil drafts folder, Frank Nora and I got this wonderful message from Terry late last year:

What a treat! (it’s Halloween season, get it?)

Just finished listening to the series of shows with Frank, Manny and Denise as they show off parts of the NYC/NJ area to Ruben and Clara.

Terry is referring to this Overnightscape episode. One of the most fun days of my life, am glad that came through in the audio.

It was great to listen and follow along on Google Earth all the places they visited. I particularly loved the stops in Frank’s childhood neighborhood, The Devil Tree, Chimney Rock/Buttermilk Falls and the visit to Mitsuwa for the clash of Eastern US meets Western Pacific culture. Following along on Google Earth and deciphering all the subtle clues from the audio descriptions provided by everyone really does add an additional dimension to the istening experience - lots of fun indeed!

I hadn’t thought of that, but the geographic journey does add a whole other level. Now I want to create a map of this myself!

Looking forward to some day hearing Frank and Denise’s visit to Singapore or Sydney as the favor is returned by Ruben and Clara showing them their part of the world. I just love these experiences albeit from a third party and distant perspective.

This would be wonderful! It does cost a lot though, and losing an entire day flying isn’t any fun. Singapore or Japan would be a fun half-way point though I’m sure we could have fun and explore in.

Hummmmm… after listening to these episodes, including the “Local Adventure” episode with Manny and Roel, I’m thinking about a new episode of Escapist Radio again. Time to reignite imaginations once again but I need to find just the riiiiiight topic.

Sounds good! Maybe a topic could be why Ruben always got The Dadaist Cabaret and The Escapist names confused, like elbows/shoulders, washing machines/dish washers, and some earlier New Time Radio programmes. I don’t know why, they’re completely different programmes, but I realise I even did it again when I replied to Terry.

And for “Rubenerd”… Vostro still sucks!

Cheers to all!

Terry L. May


Boris Kustodiev’s Shrovetide

This is one of my favourite paintings of all time, by one of my favourite painters of all time, and it was the English Wikipedia’s image of the day yesterday. спаси́бо, Wikipedia!

1916, oil on canvas.

Rubénerd Show 359: The C= episode

Rubénerd Show 359

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

39:22 – Family run businesses, an update on my old man, and convincing myself (poorly!) not to buy a second-hand Commodore 128. Recorded 07th February 2017.

Recorded in Sydney, Australia. Licence for this track: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. Attribution: Ruben Schade.

Released February 2017 on The Overnightscape Underground, an Internet talk radio channel focusing on a freeform monologue style, with diverse and fascinating hosts.

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Atlassian, I am disappoint

I tried to log into our Atlassian-hosted Confluence wiki this morning:

Something has gone wrong

Please make sure your browser has third-party cookies enabled and then try again using the button below. Don’t refresh the page.

If you’re still seeing this screen after ten minutes please raise a support request.

Third-party cookies, to log onto one site? Seems off.

Record answers for Apple secret questions

You know those “secret questions” sites often ask for? They’re designed as an extra level of verification when you lose access to your account, such as when you forget your password, or email, or password to your email.

The problem is, they’re terrible for security. Most secret questions can’t be tailor made for the person, so we’re stuck answering what our first primary school was, or our mum’s maiden name. In an age of social networks and search engines, these are trivial to get answers to.

So years ago, I started answering these with keysmashes. I’ve been using the same email (on a domain I control) for years, so I could always fall back to a password reset if I lose access to the account.

Unfortunately, that was before I had the misfortune of using an Apple ID. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my Macs and iTelephone, but their cloud services and iTunes Store posess the reverse-Midas touch.

Last week, I logged into the App Store on my iTelephone, and it asked for answers to my security questions to “verify my account”.

Isn’t that what a password is for?

Needless I say, I had no idea what the answers to these security questions were, so now I have to go through the Apple Support system to get this sorted out. Given its been four months and they still haven’t fixed my podcast listing, I doubt this will be dealt with quickly.

Hot enough for you 2017?

Australia continues to swelter under an unprecedented heat wave, which is a fancy way of saying its damned hot down here. And people used to tell me they couldn’t live in Singapore because it was too hot, hah!

Presumably every air conditioner in the country has since fired up, causing power supply issues. Adelaide has had black outs, and New South Wales is predicted to reach the limits of its supply.

Peter Hannam summarised the situation in the Sydney Morning Herald:

AEMO’s early warning to get additional supplies lined up contrasts with what South Australia’s Energy Minister Tim Koutsantonis called a “massive, catastrophic failure” by the agency to predict his state’s excess demand and take appropriate steps to avoid rolling blackouts on Wednesday evening.

“We’re at the mercy now of national operators in a privatised market that operate on price signals rather than a public good.”

We need renewables, capacity, and no more privatisation.

In a statement on Thursday, AEMO said it had issued “a number of market notices to all generators in the lead up to this instruction, requesting a market response to be provided due to increased demand as a result of the high temperatures in South Australia”.

“AEMO did not receive sufficient bids into the market to maintain the supply/demand balance in South Australia,” it said.

Can you imagine if we ran fire stations like this? “We didn’t get the market respose from those privatised stations, so we’ll just have to let that house burn.”

The most 21st century paragraph ever

A coworker shared a story about Bitcoin by Aaron van Wirdum today; specifically this paragraph:

But perhaps these drawbacks can be tackled. Last week, a new white paper was somewhat mysteriously dropped on a Bitcoin research channel, written by the pseudonymous author “Tom Elvis Jedusor” (Voldemort’s real name in the French edition of the Harry Potter novels). His proposal “Mimblewimble” — a reference to a Harry Potter spell — presents a radical slimming-down of the Bitcoin protocol that could not only dramatically increase privacy and fungibility, but also present significantly more scalability than Bitcoin’s current blockchain architecture.

People even twenty years ago would read this and think we were off with the fairies. Electronic mimblewimble blockchain fairies.

3D-printed Penrose Triangle

I haven’t felt the pressing need for a 3D printer, until I saw this Penrose Triangle Illusion by chyldd on Thingiverse:

This is a 3D-printable version of the Penrose Triangle illusion, based solely on the 1934 design painted by Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd. The design also appeared on Swedish postage stamps in the early 1980s.

I created this 3D design entirely from scratch using the process outlined in the “Instructions” section below. This work is based solely on Oscar Oscar Reutersvärd’s design, although some elements are inspired by the Hollow-Face illusion discovered many decades (if not centuries) ago.

I love impossible drawings, but to have a forced-perspective 3D representation with parallax correction would be magical.

Valentine termination spam

The dichotomy in this spam is amazing.

Nothing over 899: How to draft termination clauses in employment contracts to ensure that you don’t unintentionally displace your common law rights to terminate

Pre Valentine Flash Sale: Register by 10 Feb at only 899 AUD

You’re fired, and don’t expect any favours from us owing to our sweet, sweet termination clauses. Happy Valentines!