2020 post archive

  1. Becky Hansmeyer, Dan Benjamin on the iPhone 12
  2. Abandoned virtual worlds
  3. Al Jarreau on Hololive
  4. Wait, that heatsync isn’t really copper?
  5. Firefox 82.0 resolves macOS stuttering scrolling
  6. Our Minecraft Chunnel
  7. Raf Czlonka on BSD licencing
  8. Do good
  9. Being worthy of social security
  10. Microbreaks
  11. People asking about FreeBSD licencing
  12. It’s 20:10 2020-10-20 (AEDT)
  13. Band names in console output
  14. How my latest Twitter break is going
  15. Minecraft; and on FreeBSD!
  16. OLED-sensitive people left out from the iPhone 12
  17. That Outlook for Mac sloth
  18. The ultimate 2020 conspiracy theory
  19. Now Captchas are just messing with me
  20. Missing music
  21. Merging migrated Git repos
  22. Mac Dock persisting in Full Screen mode
  23. Rhett on opening coconuts
  24. Homeless people in media
  25. Some mid-spring Sydney fog
  26. Re-containerising VP9 from webm to MP4
  27. Tech journalism’s either/or fallacy
  28. The Scorpions: Wind of Change
  29. Cleaning another Mac Bitcoin miner
  30. John Naughton on the Internet-of-Things
  31. Hacktoberfest needs to stop
  32. Thirty years since German reunification
  33. My new-ish 16-inch MacBook Pro
  34. Derek Muller’s video on Penrose Tilings
  35. Apologies for not posting your comments yet
  36. Feeling guilt upon buying something
  37. AC3 is not AAC
  38. The Australian government’s NBN backflip
  39. OpenSSH 8.4 released
  40. Rodriguez and Sailor Moon
  41. Hacker News: Why aren’t we all more serious?
  42. My September 2020 iOS application picks
  43. SortedFood oranges
  44. A talk show host apology
  45. Linux Journal is back!
  46. Consolidating running software
  47. It also has numbers in it
  48. Hacker News on my audio kill switch post
  49. Life lessons from Hololive’s Amelia
  50. When scp’s misleading warnings attack
  51. A turkey, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  52. Ethernet papercuts
  53. The Kobo Forma as a manga reader?
  54. The 2020 Ig Nobel Prize for Medical Education
  55. Twenty posts per page
  56. Holstein Switzerland
  57. If we could demand the same security answers
  58. Music Monday: Yasutaka Tarumi on the duduk
  59. Feedback on my Mr Orange post
  60. When services always had RSS
  61. The US West Coast fires
  62. Homework load in Singapore
  63. Forgetting to set UTF normalisation on a ZFS pool
  64. We need physical audio kill switches
  65. Some more spelling corrections
  66. That guy in the GoToMeeting splash screen
  67. A KONE lift diagnostic test tool and decoder
  68. Bloomberg TV, back in 2020
  69. NBN already outdated
  70. Oblivious advice
  71. Empty code blocks
  72. Easier to read, maintain, and extend
  73. Dr Beckmann’s Floor Carpet Stain Remover
  74. The Cranberries: Dreams
  75. System76 laptop displays
  76. Mr Orange, and Joe Biden’s hires from tech
  77. ATO overcharging tax for salary sacrificed super
  78. FOSS laptops and subpar displays
  79. The roles of OSs have changed
  80. Goodbye, Bon Appétit test kitchen?
  81. We can’t all work from home
  82. Photo of Bishop Hill in New York state
  83. A social network’s inaccuracy
  84. Journalism: make them care
  85. Firefox’s situation reminds me of OpenSSL
  86. Banpresto’s 1994 Sailor Mercury poster
  87. Goodbye to the Three Beans in North Sydney
  88. It it the tool, or the people using it?
  89. Technical support airing personal details in public
  90. You lock your data with us, we cannot fail
  91. Bruce Schneier on blockchain tech
  92. Uncommon Advansys Iomega Jaz Jet SCSI-II cards
  93. Coalgirls signing off, and toxic people didn’t help
  94. Today’s word: Allocable
  95. The Galaxy Towers
  96. To static site, or not, again
  97. When the industry dismisses qualitative metrics
  98. New computers don’t feel faster
  99. Type-Moon Racing Umu fig announced
  100. Working from home still tenuous sometimes
  101. You don’t need tmux or screen for ZFS
  102. 10% the flu rate in New South Wales
  103. Fate/Grand Order ServantFes 2020: Blogging
  104. Phones before the iPhone
  105. Music Monday: Kris Delmhorst
  106. Those email-unsubscribe reasons
  107. Still buying digital and analogue music in 2020
  108. Casey Liss on memories in restaurants
  109. Remote work as a platform
  110. Update on split username-password forms
  111. Kamala Harris’s comments on US standing
  112. Fate/Grand Order ServantFes 2020: Both sides
  113. Tech hardware fails, as written in 2012
  114. A thousand drafts
  115. COVID, science, and emotion
  116. Ljubljana from Nebotičnik Tower
  117. MiniDisc, sign in, be respectful
  118. Fate/Grand Order ServantFes 2020: Backups
  119. NHK World-Japan on the Apple TV
  120. Music Monday: Book-end, Happy-end, again
  121. Our current software and web slump
  122. Fate/Grand Order ServantFes 2020: Glasses
  123. Airgapped devices and networks
  124. Feedback on audio magazines
  125. On the function of Heisenberg compensators
  126. Trademarks disputes in tech
  127. Wait, 7,000 posts?
  128. Friday Fanmail: Machon SERP, and a novella quote
  129. Fate/Grand Order ServantFes 2020: Dolphins
  130. Testing a new machine
  131. Ferdinand II on the King of France
  132. Fate/Grand Order ServantFes 2020 dialogue
  133. FSF’s Free Software Gang almost included FreeBSD
  134. Allan Jude discusses ZFS on Level1Linux
  135. The 3.5 mm headphone jack
  136. Music Monday: Al Jarreau, Tell Me
  137. Social network CFO says iOS 14 to hurt tracking
  138. Movies I’ve seen more than five times
  139. Vending machines in anime visuals
  140. Apologising to John Roderick, and his point about Millennials
  141. SimilarTech’s site analysis only half wrong
  142. Science is beautiful
  143. iperf3: error - unable to connect to server: Permission denied
  144. Being yourself on your blog
  145. Raf Czlonka on my ice cream post
  146. An analysis of native IoT advertising
  147. RMS Aquitania’s Grand Staircase
  148. Bryan Hughes on intentions
  149. What Carl Sagan would say about mask protests
  150. Finding file duplicates with fdupes on FreeBSD
  151. Daniel Andrews on empathy for COVID testing
  152. Why aren’t you more serious?
  153. Josh on how to peel garlic
  154. nvi2 in FreeBSD ports
  155. The Kos Porta Pro X headphones
  156. Uncle Roger’s rice reaction
  157. Young and knowing, or old with money
  158. The Cassiopeia, Katoomba
  159. Naming five Hi-Fi brands
  160. Taking a Blue Mountains break
  161. Semantic discussion of macOS plists
  162. What are the biggest lies you’ve been told?
  163. Vanilla or chocolate first
  164. Irrational computing feedback from Jim Kloss
  165. Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value
  166. Bitcoin scam sites
  167. Pasquale Sciarappa’s One Pan Pasta
  168. My new/old Technics SL-J300R turntable
  169. Irrational things I still do with computers
  170. Charging Australians to come home, with apologies to Clarke and Dawe
  171. 죠지, 오랜만에 (George, After a long time)
  172. These measures aren’t political statements
  173. Andranig Vartanian on Solaris, with more nostalgia
  174. A late morning Sydney walk
  175. Checking if FreeBSD geli is using AES-NI
  176. Making RSS prominent again
  177. Remembering Sun and MySQL in 2008
  178. Fate/Grand Order 3rd Anniversary craft essences
  179. Colin Percival on the zeroth-system effect
  180. Renaming git default branch to trunk
  181. Cancel culture
  182. Tutorial sites treating FreeBSD like a Linux distro
  183. John Siracusa on WFH holidays
  184. Historic Kyōto in 2010
  185. De-politicising COVID responses
  186. RÜFÜS DU SOL, live from Joshua Tree
  187. Booting from an ISO on OrionVM
  188. Identifying vegetables
  189. Peter Dutton in contempt of court
  190. Follow-up to AT power supplies
  191. Michael Dexter on software project communication
  192. Algorithms directing art
  193. The Athena AT40 400W AT power supply
  194. My ratings for foods Bon Appétit rated
  195. New stock market records… wait, what?
  196. The second half of 2020
  197. BSD Now discusses my encrypted ZFS on NetBSD post
  198. Music Monday: Butterfly by Bump of Chicken
  199. Exporting starred Github repos
  200. Blog retrospective: 720K floppies
  201. Universally-applicable pip design decisions
  202. Add MJ12bot to your web server spam lists
  203. Selling your fire extinguisher
  204. Two-factor auth codes need to be chunked better
  205. “Your unpopular opinion about Re:Zero”
  206. Goodbye Home-Fix, and Singapore’s DIY scene
  207. More FreeBSD HPE Microserver homelab answers
  208. Music Monday: The Vanilla Bean Situation
  209. Still getting mail from a leaked database
  210. Bringing my own git in-house
  211. Making better tea
  212. Feedback on Markdown’s square brackets
  213. Markdown links have brackets backwards
  214. ARM Macs (but RISC-V would be cooler)
  215. Text::Template as a Perl Jinja alternative
  216. COVID resources from our building’s strata
  217. Installing pkgsrc fonts on macOS
  218. The speed of technology
  219. Borders around Burundi and Rwanda
  220. Sleep patterns and home isolation
  221. This SCO module contains...
  222. .dotfile management
  223. pngcrush’s loco crush option
  224. Booting FreeBSD off the HPE MicroServer Gen8 ODD SATA port
  225. The web we lost: a retrospective
  226. My humble homelab, with awful ASCII diagrams
  227. The 2020 iPhone SE
  228. MDF disk images to ISOs
  229. csh feedback from @debdrup
  230. Pro-p’s K-On! fanart
  231. Exercise during isolation
  232. What’s missing from NAS reviews
  233. One-liners: Downloading a https cert as text
  234. Race riots
  235. Music Monday: Japanese aviation fuel train
  236. SpaceX Crew Dragon docks with the ISS
  237. Wealth inequality and falling interest rates
  238. Shinjuku station in Fate/Grand Order
  239. Custom tab completions in oksh
  240. NetBSD used to default to csh
  241. Costa Rica recognises marriage equality
  242. It’s Alive! Brussel sprout kimchi
  243. Netatalk3 Mac file sharing on NetBSD
  244. Ships classed as trains for a 1960s database
  245. Quick FreeBSD bridge when your switch is full
  246. When reCAPTCHA attacks
  247. ACCC’s March quarter 2020 report
  248. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu performing Candy Candy live
  249. Colour ls on NetBSD
  250. Encrypted ZFS on NetBSD 9.0, for a FreeBSD guy
  251. Seinfeld has been to our apartment
  252. Live video feeds of Tokyo trains
  253. I’m relieved that...
  254. Your local cafe is an expensive habit!
  255. COVID is the ultimate externality
  256. Post-US world on display
  257. Remuxing old FLVs to MP4, without re-encoding!
  258. That’s You, to the power of Us
  259. RSS is more than plumbing
  260. eBay Saved Search emails ignore geography
  261. NetWare IPX/SFX slides
  262. IoT, and Hypponen’s law
  263. Conflating implementation with intent
  264. Ministers not wanting the COVID tracking app
  265. 686 pages
  266. Official Hige Dandism - 115万キロのフィルム
  267. Other SMR considerations
  268. Err…
  269. Logs grinding Netatalk on FreeBSD to a hault
  270. A prophetically-appropriate AKB48 song
  271. Hidden shingled-drive follow-up
  272. Locking down SSH to specific IPs
  273. If there are silver linings to any of this
  274. Guardian flag quiz, and some of my favourites
  275. Gatekeeping, and Mac users on FreeBSD
  276. Kevin Rudd on Australia and NZ's relative COVID success
  277. Savage Garden: Thousand Words
  278. Colourfully-stunning Morino Rinze fig
  279. The Shingled magnetic recording NAS debacle
  280. Photo of Gangtok in the eastern Himalayas
  281. Algeria is massive
  282. Goodbye Windows 2008 R2 and 7
  283. Comparing footprint of cities I care about
  284. Digital connectivity is oil?
  285. Follow-up to my fintech security post
  286. Try and pick the fake COVID story
  287. Goodbye, CD Baby
  288. Even respected sites are failing to address fintech security
  289. First late night walk in ages
  290. Change is a measure of competence
  291. $100 million on your first letter
  292. Music Monday: Why Spring Ain’t Here
  293. Working remote
  294. Correcting the record
  295. FreeBSD consolidation, and spam apologies
  296. Chaldea Broadcast System for March 2020
  297. CD Baby store closing
  298. Music Monday: Santana, Foo Foo
  299. Delightful 27th March things
  300. The Onkyo C-707
  301. A happy birthday jiggly pancake
  302. FreeBSD 12.1 on a new (to me) ThinkPad T550
  303. Givin’ It Up for Love, Al Jarreau and George Benson
  304. Anecdotal Ethernet interference
  305. Techmoan’s puppets on The Italian Job
  306. Erashkigal art from Megami, March 2020 issue
  307. Gigolo failed to mount Windows share
  308. How to version control LibreOffice spreadsheets
  309. Reducing Perl memory usage
  310. Dangerous new anime figs for 2020
  311. A meta-thinking realisation
  312. Figuring out Hi-Fi component dimensions
  313. Initialising a new self-hosted remote Git
  314. An update from Stack Exchange on licencing
  315. Anime Festival Sydney 2020
  316. LibreOffice fixes macOS text regression
  317. New neighbours
  318. Removing characters with tr
  319. Clearing up FreeBSD GCC news
  320. CSS didn’t decouple content from presentation
  321. FreeBSD 12.1 Nvidia desktop
  322. Adwaita themes in FreeBSD
  323. 2020–02–29
  324. An old domain whitelist text file
  325. NOTNULL in Postgres
  326. Kenwood DEM-9991D circuit diagram
  327. A final farewell and thanks to YNAB4
  328. Flag of the Canary Islands
  329. HO-scale R-761
  330. Physical symptoms of job stress
  331. The Weeknd: Blinding Lights
  332. Arena Unix II swim cap
  333. NNTP
  334. Writing without backpacks or spaces
  335. Using spreadsheets as databases
  336. When junk blogs stifle troubleshooting
  337. Owner-occupiers driving house demand
  338. Smartphone book readers on the train
  339. What started as investigating /opt on FreeBSD
  340. STRICT_ALL_TABLES now default in MariaDB
  341. 3801 is back in Thirlmere
  342. Processing text
  343. Australian FTTN and metadata surveillance
  344. Both sides to saving money on cafés
  345. Why we prefer subtitles
  346. Fog in Sydney yesterday
  347. Coronavirus info from data centres
  348. Music Monday: Samba Pa Ti
  349. TeX graphicx changing page margins
  350. Another post on open source civility
  351. Stepping on anything other than unsubscribe
  352. Surface of the Sun
  353. Empathy for Scotland rejoining the EU
  354. Help NetBSD test 9.0 Release Candidate 2
  355. Music Monday: Follow That Man
  356. 2020–02–02
  357. Rediscovering LaserDiscs
  358. LibreOffice is great; just not on the Mac
  359. Some delightful late January spam
  360. Symlinking FreeBSD svnlite to svn
  361. Fifteen years of posts
  362. Digital rights and political impunity
  363. fetch: authentication error on FreeBSD
  364. Windows Insider takes cake for worst unsubscribe
  365. Curly quote fix coming for Hugo 0.6x
  366. Music Monday: IBM PS/2 It!
  367. Gotchas when adding a drive to an existing ZFS pool to make a mirror
  368. Changing my mind on light text, dark backgrounds
  369. Apple Wallet boarding pass ergonomics
  370. The envelope method, and 64-bit YNAB4 works
  371. The first FreeBSD conference in Australia
  372. Cancelled flights between Sydney and Melbourne
  373. Overnightscape Central: Detectives
  374. Overheard C and Python
  375. Intel’s discrete GPUs at CES
  376. Living in electric dreams
  377. I may even republish their spam
  378. Music Monday: Janet Devlin, Mad World
  379. A technical admission
  380. 666 pages
  381. Technical accuracy, and the whole product concept
  382. Bushfire news is too much
  383. Richard Feldman on functional programming
  384. Installing Hunspell on FreeBSD and macOS
  385. My favourite anime in the 2010s
  386. Enabling /dev/diskid and /dev/gpt on FreeBSD
  387. Overnightscape Central: Abstract Novel Again Again
  388. Tipping culture