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Post #3666! Run away!

This latest Pointless Rubenerd Milestone post is so useless (and derivative) it should not be read by anyone. If you’re just seeing this summary, leave it and move on. If you’re subscribed in an aggregator and you can see the whole post, disregard it.

Firefox says "aggregator" isn’t a word

Now that’s out of the way we can get down to bidness. Despite missing it by a few posts (this is actually post number 3669!) this post is a celebration of reaching the completely pointless mystical post number 3666, which not only contains the super evil number 666, but the first digit even represents how many sixes proceed it! It’s akin to a recursive acronym, but with integers in lieu of Latin alphabetic letters.

You know what isn’t a recursive acronym, AFAIK? Saskatchewan.

This is only the fifth time such a milestone has been reached on; I blogged about this pointlessness (is that a word?) with my:

  1. WordPress 666 ID post in 2007,
  2. 666th post in 2008,
  3. 1666th post in 2009 and…
  4. 2666th post in 2010

And as I said on all of them, Elfen Lied scared the heck out of me.

That’s right Mr Peabody

Surprisingly, blogging about this pointlessness also serves to show some historicalness (is that a word?), like an even cruder Wayback Machine. With each celebration of this pointlessness (is that a word?) I take a screenshot as proof of what we’re up to here, and coincidently my theme has always changed in the intervening posts.

In another coincidence, Mac OS X Snow Leopard reports file sizes in KB not KiB, and the screenshot for today’s entry is 66KB (61KiB). If that isn’t a syncronicity of some sort, then… it isn’t.

Post 3666!

Post 2666!

The awesomeness that is @JerryNovak

I'm thinking of starting a Patrons of Rubénerd page, and putting Jerry on the top!

Over the last week or so I haven't been blogging as much as usual owing (hey, that's a pun) to assignments and upcoming exams. Sure I've maintained my Post A Day 2011 challenge with a series of shorter entries, but hardly anything that warrents a second glance!

This dip in quality however didn’t stop Jerry Novak from using the second donate button on my Buy a Coffee page and donating the highest sum I’ve ever received!

Jerry and I met through a mutual friend Frank Edward Nora from The Overnightscape podcast and now The Frank Nora Show. Back when I used to record the Rubenerd Show podcast he was one of my biggest supporters and most loyal listeners. For a couple of days before my family left Singapore he even made a stop over on a world trip to say hello!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank Jerry personally for his hugely generous donation, but even more for his friendship over the years. We've helped each other through some tough times and its always comforting to know you're out there on The Twitters. Thank you so very very much :)

Blogging when you should be tweeting?

Marshall Kirkpatrick

Marshall Kirkpatrick's Blog: I will not blog what I can tweet.

I read someone say on Twitter the other day that they really appreciate it when bloggers just share news on Twitter if it’s short enough it can be reported in 140 characters or less. Writing a post about it for nothing but pageviews, when you really didn’t need to go on and on is just poor manners.

I see what he did there.

Post ID 8555 pointlessness

8, from Safebooru!5, from Safebooru!5, from Safebooru!5, from Safebooru!

According to the internal WordPress database, this entry has an ID of 8555, which you can verify by going to

I mentioned to my sister Elke hat 8555 sounded like a fake Singaporean television phone number. Get it? 555 because 555 is 555, and 8 because 8 is just so gosh darn lucky in Chinese cultures. Hey Moses Lim, better call Lucky Plaza tailor at 8555-UHYEAH!

Her response, from her Tumblr feed.

After 6 years, Rubénerd Purple is back!

For those of you lucky enough to not have to ever see my horrible blog design give read the RSS feed (or RDF… really?), you may not have noticed the sudden change to purple a few days ago! Purpleness!

I'll admit it, purple has secretly been my favourite colour since I got my hands on some Sun hardware when I was a kid, though in primary school I was informed by a well meaning teacher that perhaps I shouldn't make that fact well known for its… shall we say, social implications. Now I'm older and simply don't care what people think about my appearance or tastes, so I figure if Andrew Cox can admit to it being his favourite colour, I can too!

I'm still working on getting the schade (sorry, bad pun) right, but for the time being let me know what you think :). Merry Nightmare, Senjoughara Hitagi and Hotaru/Sailor Saturn would approve!

Can’t change a page’s default template!?

Latest WordPress problem: it has decided to ignore page templates. If I go to edit a page, change the template under "Page Attributes" and click Update, it reverts back to "Default Template" each time. As such, my tags, archive and links pages are useless.

I have assignments to do so I can't waste time messing around trying to fix this, but letting you know its on my do to list. This may be another occasion where I have to bypass the web UI and fix it in phpMyAdmin.

In 2005 I decided to move to WordPress and I reaffirmed my decision in 2009 because I couldn't justify the time to port stuff over. I'm hoping I didn't bet on the wrong horse.

A status update!

Icon from the Tango Desktop project

Ichi. While messing around in MySQL this afternoon, I accidentally duplicated thirty blog entries which appeared in the RSS feed and spammed you all. This has been fixed. Thank you to Andrew Middleton and @edible_hat for telling me!

Zwei. I merged my fun little puzzles blog into to save me time, and redirected the RSS feed. You can view the entries in their new category here… if you really want to ;).

Tree. Despite missing two days this month due to technical issues, I’m still pressing on with my #PostADay2011 challenge! 363 days isn’t as cool as 365, but I’m up for it :)

The Tennant 3400 for post 3400

How did marking a post number milestone with an industrial cleaning product device become a tradition!? I blame this post, this post and this post.

In Soviet Vacuum Cleaners… no, never mind

My birthday post from earlier today was post 3400, so here for your reading entertainment is information on the Tennant 3400, a pretty spiffy vacuum cleaning device if I may say so myself.

It is a first-class machine, made by TENNANT N.V. at their factory in Uden of The Netherlands. It is distinguished by its extraordinary high quality, extremely modern design, and long service life.

You know, people sometimes say that about me.

The 3400 is the quit, dry vacuum cleaner setting new standards in filtration and sound level.


The 3400 is one of the most quiet vacuum cleaners in market place making it eminently suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments such as hospitals, schools hotels and offices, avoiding disruptions of working activities. With tree stage filtering system it is also the cleanest professional vacuum cleaner available, with filtration level of 99,99954%.Light and easy to transport, the 3400 is designed to give excellent handling qualities and high degree of comfort.

That's a pretty high filtration level, if I may say so myself. Wait, I've said "if I may say so myself" twice now, or three times including my use of it just then. If I may say so myself.

Oh do tell me more!

Sure thing! Here are its technical specifications:

SUCTION: 220 mbar
AIR FLOW: 180 m³/h
POWER: 1100 W
WEIGHT: 5.5 kg
PRICE: € 278.50

And finally, here's some information on its manufacturer, TENNANT N.V.:

Claoxylon indicum is a dioecious flowering plant in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae. The specific epithet comes from the Latin Indicus (Indian), referring to the locality of collection of the type specimen, which was probably Java, part of the Dutch East Indies at that time

Who says I never post useful information here? Don't answer that.

Bruce Clement asks why you blog

Bruce Clement, a new friend of mine on The Twitters, recently asked his followers why they blog. This is my attempt at an answer!

Having opened a dialogue about battery oddities under Linux, Bruce Clement and I started following each other a few days ago. He's an IT professional hailing from across the pond in New Zealand who's Twitter profile description is eerily familiar to mine:

Software developer. Internet branding. Linux user. No I can’t fix your computer. Can’t design decent looking websites either.

Swap out "internet branding" with "anime fan" or something equally less productive, and his profile sounds just like mine ;).

Here I go, attempting an answer to his post!

While I'd like to say I blog because I have valuable insights, am participating in citizen journalism that's bringing down corrupt governments and institutions, that I'm entertaining and informative, that Dave Winer insulted me into doing it, or that I'm being held captive on a space station and being forced to do so with a phaser pointed at me, I'd be full of nonsense if I claimed to be.

There are secondary reasons aplenty:

It helps me remember things
Blogging gives me a virtual record of what I’ve found interesting and procedures I’ve come up with to do things over time. The former is fun for nostalgic reasons, the latter is helpful and may as well be online instead of sitting in some random text file somewhere!

It keeps me in contact with people
I’m a terribly shy and antisocial person in public, but blogging keeps me in contact with people from all over the place, some of whom only know me because they happened to see something in a search engine or a tweet. Sometimes they even reward me with coffee :)

It lets people know they’re right and I’m wrong
As the internet meme goes, everyone’s entitled to my opinion. Trolls love my opinion because it gives them fodder to justify their existence, and people who agree with me leave nice comments!

It’s great for downtime
I’m not really into gaming and am a fairly solitary person, so blogging is just a natural fit. If I were entertaining and a good writer, it’d fit me even more.

It makes me look legit
There is nothing, nothing more valuable to a person’s reputation than having a well stocked weblog or blog or website or whatever it is people call them. I read it in Fortune or Time or Newsweek or something.

It legitimises activities
If I were satisfied with being a passive consumer I’d spend all day watching anime, messing around with programming languages and operating systems that are outdated or seldom used outside fan circles, and I’d have no qualms about it. Somehow writing about doing things helps to legitimise them, even if they’re still entirely pointless.

Ultimately though, I blog primarily for two simple reasons: I'm being held captive on a space station and its operators claim they'll throw me out an airlock if I don't produce material that helps them to understand the inner workings of the early 21st century male nerd mind. Also, I just find it a terribly fun thing to do. :)

3333 posts!

3333 posts

I reached 2222 posts in October 2009 (2222 posts, and goodbye to GeoCities), and as I recall I spent much of that post imagining what my 3333rd post would be about. Fast forward to now, and I spent post 3333 reviewing Yumekui Merry #04, with no mention of 3333. Gosh darn it! Did you get me my Cheez Whiz boy? And so forth.

Wonder whether I'll remember 4444.

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