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@Gowalla bought by Facebook

There hasn't been any annoumcenet of it yet on Gowalla's blog, but it's being reported across the tubes the checkin service has been bought by Facebook. Seems I jumped ship just in time.

I wish the team the best of luck in Palo Alto, and hope they do the right thing and allow us to easily export our checkins. Our Atom feeds have been dead for months and their promise to "definitely" develop export tools have gone unfulilled. During early 2010 I used Gowalla to track our last journey through Europe, and would desperately like to not have that stuff lost.

UPDATE: Was about to take a crack at their API, but then rediscovered the gloriously named Got my checkin history emailed to me in a JSON file. Brilliant! The Hairy Lemon!

New Bus Eireann site review thingy

Singapore Bus by Mailer_Diablo on Wikipedia

The folks running the Bus Eireann Deals Twitter account asked people this evening to trial their new alert system and provide feedback. This post is a response to said request.

Let me just start by saying I'm so thoroughly disjointedness disappointed (dang this Firefox spell checker is hopeless!) with their service I could harpoon an Attitude Chicken. Wait, Bob Geldof is Irish isn't he?

I tried three buses, read that three buses and the service couldn't even find them, let alone give me timetable or fare information:

  • The 105 from Lorong Chuan to Scotts Road
  • The 75 from Holland Village to Marina Centre
  • The misleadingly titled Aeroline from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

When we were in Ireland the weather was so bad we kept hearing how Bus Eireann were having to cancel services. We almost booked a bunch of trips with them, whew!

The Paris Métro IKEA advertising stunt

Along with all the talk about IKEA decking out Paris Métro stations with couches and lamps as an advertising stunt, there have been a ton of comments that pretty much follow this formula: "That'd never work in New York, the subways here aren't clean like the ones in Europe!"

As someone who recently zipped around in Paris on the Métro, the word clean wouldn't be one of the words I'd use to describe it! Intensely interesting, reliable, fast, affordable, comprehensive, yes. Clean? Eh, maybe not ;). The photo I took above shows one of the few good ones, but often there's litter everywhere and… certain odors which we won't discuss here.

As a matter of disclosure…

Punggol MRT Station The Munich U-Bahn

  • Everything's relative, expensive private hospitals in Australia seems dirty after riding the Singapore MRT.

  • I'm a self confessed IKEA nut because it's like Lego for adults, which allegedly means I'm a loser with too much free time. Yeah, thanks again Dave :P

  • On our latest Eurotrip we also spent time in Munich before heading off to Paris and the Munich U-Bahn is beautiful. I'll upload my own photos eventually, for now check them out on Wikipedia and see for yourself :O

  • And because it's St Patty's Day, don't mock Dublin's">Luas system for its silly name (that probably means something which means I just made myself look like an arse), it's pretty cool too!

  • Oh yeah, and my father's side of the family is also German, which means I'm biased ;). I kid, Paris is amazing, but Munich is a nicer place. I think I'll stop now before I get myself intro trouble!

Voting for Ray Foley for an Irish Meteor! in Ireland

Just a quick post to inform you all I voted for Ray Foley for the Irish Meteor radio awards! Not sure if international SMS text messages are counted, but budda diddly boom! "The Ray Foley Show… Today Eff Emm!"

"VOTE NDJ 4" to +353 85 711 4444

While we were driving around Europe we decided to flick through local radio stations, and by far our favourite DJs from the whole trip were Ray D'Arcy and Ray Foley from Today FM in Ireland. They're banter literally became a highlight of the trip, so much so that we'd often dordle in the car outside a major tourist attraction so we could finish hearing them ramble and rant on an idea before we got out.

"VOTE NDJ 4" to +353 85 711 4444

We noticed while we were there the Irish sense of humour is surprisingly close to the Aussie one… perhaps because of our common heritage of British oppression ;).

Heeeeeeeee’s back!

Very unflattering shot!

I'm back in Singapore after our Eurotrip and I'm blogging again. Look out world!

[Eurotrip] Weather shockness!

Weather dashboard widgets

When we get back to Singapore on Tuesday, we're going to die!

[Eurotrip] Longwinded through free Dublin WiFi

Free Dublin WiFi advertisement

I'm typing this post from a small café next to our hotel in Dublin and boy it's freezing! There's snow lightly falling outside and the footpaths are slick with ice which has caused more than a few bruises in the last few days, but we've still been thoroughly enjoying ourselves! Anyway I was going to save blogging until I got back to Singapore, but I couldn't resist when I saw the above ad.

Yes, having just logged into the free WiFi at said coffee establishment, I was presented with the above advertisement which, if you care, looks almost like a square but is in fact a stumpy rectangle. A pointless and utterly stupid observation about size is not the humerous part of this yarn though, I found it to be pretty ironic this free WiFi hotspot is sponsored by Dublin Airport with the slogan "flying has never been easier" given its closed due to the freak Arctic weather conditions! Then again I can't seem to access Twitter tweets on it anyway, so perhaps saying the two are alike was intentional. Makes sense.

We'll be back in Singapore in a few days, can't believe we've been in Europe now for over two weeks. WiFi has been very hard to find so I gave up the prospect for live blogging, so instead I'll be uploading photos and blogging about places upon our returny substances. Return-y substances?


I've been informed the above graphic, had I cared to click on it, is for an airport in the UK and is in fact not Dublin. Must be all the Guinness :). Given many of the airports in the UK are closed too the point of the post still seems to stand though!

Can’t see the image?

Neither can I now that I'm using Firefox again. Perhaps Adblock Plus attacked it!

[Eurotrip] Happy New Year from Paris!

Happy New Year from Paris!

This European trip has been so jam packed with stuff I haven't had time to blog about it, but one of my New Years Resolutions is to rectify this! Once we've arrived in Ireland for our scheduled downtime I'll get started :).

Happy new year and all that jazz!

Eurotrip Post the First!


My dad, sis and I are just about to leave the door to start our Europe trip. We'll be heading to Germany via Dubai to catch up with relatives in Frankfurt am Main and friends in Munich, then to Plzeň in the Czech Republic, then driving back through Germany to Paris, then a flight to Cork and a tour of Ireland.

I'm going to take a ton of photos and will be blogging as much about it as I can! In the meantime you can follow our adventures on Twitter and Gowalla too.

Selamat tinggal! Wait, wrong language :D