This page lists my current machines. I do have current Macs and a budget game machine, but most of my fun and joy comes from vintage computing.

iYuki, the MacBook Air

Once I got my work MacBook Pro, iYuki was relegated to a Mac Mini with external peripherals. Aside from not being able to run a 4K display, she still does everything I need.

Kyou and Mio, the companion cubes

These two Microservers serve as my FreeBSD ZFS NAS boxes. Kyou’s specs have been updated to handle multiple Plex streams, Mio is fine with a Celeron and ECC memory for backups.

Tsuruya, the game tower

This was a small game machine I built once Apple ceded the professional graphics market. It’s mostly used for Train Simulator, Cities Skylines, and other world builders.

It runs Windows 10, and Debian Jessie for when Windows fails. The parts were also carefully chosen in case I wanted to make a Hackintosh.

Ami, the Pentium 1 tower

This was the first computer I built as a kid growing up in Singapore in the late 1990s, with the help of the wonderful former Make Fine Computer in Funan Centre. It still runs today, save for a new PSU and memory.

My parents threw out our first 486 home computer, so I’m repurposing this machine as an all-in-one nostalgia box. The 5.25” drive, SoundBlaster card, MS-DOS 6.20 and Windows 3.0 were all from that original box.

It also runs Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95 (the first OS this machine ran), Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (that I always wanted it to run), and Red Hat Linux 6.3 (my first *nix, installed from the original CDs).

PowerMac G3

My first Mac was a blueberry iMac in the late 1990s, but it long since died. This PowerMac came out at around the same time and has the same aesthetic, so I’m using it to rebuild a classic MacOS environment.

Commodore Plus/4

I was born after this machine came out, but this has to be the most beautiful hardware Commodore ever released.