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Cloudflare’s domain registrar

Here’s some interesting news for those of us with all too many domain names:

Cloudflare Registrar lets you securely register and manage your domain names with transparent, no-markup pricing that eliminates surprise renewal fees and hidden add-on charges.

Most of this Hover already does beautifully. I only moved to Namecheap because Hover don’t bill in AUD or SGD, and I was being slugged international charges each time.

At-cost renewal is an interesting idea. I assume they’re using it as a gateway drug to get you using their other services, or to garner free advertising. As opposed to garner-free advertising, which would be advertising entirely devoid of garners.

Obsolete best IT practices

Instructions for terminating SCSI devices.

I was doing research into something – surprising though it may seem – and found this random Spiceworks thread. There are some goodies.

I’ve only been in the industry professionally for a decade, so my reach isn’t that great. But I’m sure if you looked back on the history of this blog you’d find most of these floating around:

  • Setting regular password rotation. All it does is encourages weaker passwords and insecure ingenuity.

  • Short, indecipherable passwords are secure. A longer password with plain words has more entropy, and is more likely to be used because people remember them.

  • Using FireWire 400 drives over USB 1.1 or 2. The transfer rate on the tin is slower than the latter, but it operates synchronously.

  • Regularly defragmenting drives. Especially counterproductive with SSDs and other solid state media.

  • RAID 5 and RAID Z. They get an unjustified bad rap now, but there are still better alternatives.

  • Using AVG or Avast with Spybot Search and Destroy to protect Windows boxes.

  • Setting Master/Slave jumpers on drives, because Cable Select is unreliable. And connect them with rounded ribbon cables for thermal efficiency! Except don’t do the latter, because those cables were non-standard and often introduced crosstalk.

  • Running 32 bit OSs on 64 bit hardware with less than 4 GiB of memory, to save system resources.

  • Recommending people use SyQuest ORB drives over Iomega Jaz, because it had more capacity for less.

  • Disabling HTTPS specifically for performance and resource use.

  • Disabling IPv6 if you “don’t need it.” Though turning it on still introduces privacy concerns you need to be aware of and mitigate.

  • Compiling your BSD and Gentoo ports from source, rather than using packages, to optimise performance. Better still, run overnight so you’re not waiting hours for KDE to finish.

  • Employing Web Safe Colours.

  • Always terminating your SCSI devices! Or a life hack, always use an Iomega drive or EPSON scanner as the last device because they self-terminate.

  • Using lighttpd over Apache, and MySQL over PostgreSQL, for performance and resource use.

  • Using data archives on anything other than FreeBSD/ZFS.

  • Writing with WordPress over Movable Type and Radio UserLand because its cleaner and lighter weight.

  • Have you heard of this thing called Exchange? It’s so much better than Notes!

And some things I was doing while still in school:

  • Using a Zip disk box with a padlock to secure data!

  • Using network hubs, and anything with an ISA interface, because network switches and PCI cards are more expensive.

  • Use 8.3 filenames on web servers, so old computers could still view your site assets.

  • RAMBUS that sucker! Okay, I could never afford that.

I’m sure Jim Kloss of XCHANGE and Whole Wheat Radio fame would have stories.

Change your git repo source URL

Say you have a git repo, and you want to change its source URL from to That wouldn’t make sense, because they’re the same. But assuming for the sake of the argument, or any other Japanese alcoholic comestible beverage of your choice, you can achieve it by:

$ git remote set-url origin git://

Done and done. At least one of those were superfluous, much like the lead sentence of this article. Lead is bad.

This may be useful if the public git repository site you were using was bought by a company you find problematic, given their recent track record of software and services brought into their fold.

Top tourist destinations by money spent

A friend sent me this fascinating visualisation from Click through to the original article to see the full resolution and some fascinating discussion.

Map of the world by showing the amount of tourist dollars spent in each country.

I wasn’t surprised to see the United States being the largest overall, but I wonder how that’s broken down state by state? I’ll bet New York and California would take the lion’s share, and Texas given it’s a transit hub.

Europe and Asia are the biggest clusters, though I fully expect Asia to outgrow everyone else in the next decade. And most of the heavy-hitting city states are there; pretty amazing they’re competing with countries that are orders of magnitude larger!

I wondered what a map adjusted with dollars per capita would look like, so I did some quick calcs in my lunchbox on city states, and some larger locations for comparison. I’d think Monaco and Gibraltar would be high on that list too, though they’re not on the map.

Tourist dollars per capita

Locale Population Billions Per Capita
Macau 0.7 m $36 $60,000 (!!)
Luxembourg 0.6 m $5 $8,334
Hong Kong 7.3 m $33 $4,521
Singapore 5.6 m $20 $3,571
Qatar 2.6 m $6 $2,308
Australia 24.1 m $42 $1,743
USA 325.7 m $211 $647
PRC 1,379.0 m $33 $23

Fate/Grand Order Nero Fest 2018

This post was originally written in mid-September 2018. We’re already onto the Halloween event for English FGO!

Nero Fest 2018 hero graphic

The only mobile game I play, and have ever got into, is Fate/Grand Order. Think Hearthstone, but with cute characters and familiar themes if you grew up watching the Fate franchise. And before you judge me, Clara is in way deeper than me!

I had been hoarding my saint quartz all year for Nero Fest 2018. I played the first Nero Fest as soon as the English version of the game came out, when Clara and I were waiting for the Matsuri to set up in Kyoto if you can believe it. Mashu is best girl, but Nero Claudius is easily the second.

Nero Bride!

I didn’t get Nero Bride (above), but I did get three more Nero Claudii (top), so I was able to NP ascend her. I took it as a sign, so I also grailed her. She’s now the equivalent level of a five star servant she deserves to be.

It’s also now completely official, I thought I’d always be a Takashi Takeuchii fan first, but Wadarco does all my other favourite art in this franchise. The eyes she draws are so expressive.

Anime shoes

Side view of the Dragon Ball Z shoe mentioned below

Want some Adidas Dragon Ball Z shoes? Matt Schley, with excellent spelling in his last name, wrote this in Otaku USA Magazine:

Are your current sneakers not as, uh, baller as you’d like? Maybe these Adidas Originals are just the thing. The shoe maker has just unveiled the packaging, pricing and release date for the first two pairs in its planned line of Dragon Ball Z-inspired kicks: Goku adidas ZX 500 RM and Frieza Yung 1.

It reminds me of those ads Clara and I saw everywhere in Osaka last year for the New Balance Evangelion shoes. Come to think of it, what did they look like?

Evangelion shoes!

Update: Matt Schley covered them as well! I agree with him their resemblence to the Evangelion franchise is all but incidental, but what gorgeous colours.

Friday Fanmail: Accosting SEO

Friday Fanmail time! Each and every Friday, sometimes, I post some email from a fan such that we can all bask in their positive words.

Today’s may be the single greatest piece of spam I’ve ever received:

Hi there,

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